Unique solutions for unique exposures.

Sometimes your business demands more. More options. More information. More expertise. Our safety solutions are driven by listening to you and finding unique solutions for your unique exposures.
B+H Insurance offers safety services programs to businesses in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more.

Utilizing our in-house Risk Control Services, we look to further reduce your risk while protecting your business, your people, and your property. Our risk control specialists work with you to identify risk exposures, partner to develop solutions and help you to implement practical, real life controls as part of a comprehensive continuous improvement plan.

Our consultative method to risk control is designed to provide a wide range of customized improvement opportunities to lower your overall exposure to loss. We target your most important priorities through a collaborative approach utilizing a five step process.

Five-step service approach

Fact finding

A thorough study of the client including operations, exposures, hazards and loss history.

Analysis and evaluation

Facility survey and an evaluation of risk control activities.

Exposure identification

Consultation with management to pinpoint sources with significant loss potential.

Action plan

Develop with designated personnel a tailored “action plan” to address the specific corrective action.


An ongoing review to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of risk control activities.
Our consultative services solutions
Workers’ Compensation
  • Accident Analysis/Investigation
  • Job Analysis/Program Review
  • Supervisory/Management Training
  • HazComm Training
  • Ergonomic Review
  • Employee Training
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
Property Protection Services
  • Building Safety Evaluation
  • Fire/Burglary Systems Review
  • Sprinkler Systems Review
  • Fire Safety Planning
  • Process Flow Review
General Liability
  • Life Safety Code Analysis
  • Emergency Evaluation Plans and
  • Product Liability Risk Control and
  • Loss Analysis/Investigation
  • Disaster Planning
  • Driver Selection/Training
  • Fleet Safety Programs
  • Regulatory Review
  • Vehicle Pre-trip /Post-trip
  • Defensive Driving
Construction Service
  • Pre-job Planning
  • Job Site Observations
  • Supervisor Training
  • Self-Inspection
  • Tool Box Meetings
  • Inspection/Maintenance
  • OSHA 10/30 Training
Consultative Service
  • Supervisory Training
  • Insurance Carrier Assistance
    and Guidance
  • Access to Technical Library

Whether it is your office, warehouse, plant, shop or jobsite, we provide strategic risk management solutions in partnership with you to develop a continuous improvement action plan to supplement the safety and health plans you have already established, are looking to develop or to simply provide you the tools to help yourself. Together with our Human Resources and Claims Specialists, we provide you with a total package approach to controlling your risk and loss.

Meet the Director of Risk Control

Craig C. Campbell, ALCM, CRIS

302-518- 2913

Craig C. Campbell (ALCM, CRIS) has over 28 years of risk control consulting and technical services management. Having joined B+H in 2015 he handles all of our in-house Risk Control services. He has provided loss prevention services for a wide variety of clients ranging from small to Fortune 500’s. He is an authorized instructor for the OSHA 10/30 hour Construction course, has participated in NFPA and ANSI committees and has been a speaker at several insurance professional development conferences. In his most recent duties, he was a subject matter expert (SME) for construction at a large national insurance carrier.