Reliable policies that protect your business and people.

B+H Insurance, LLC’s in-house Human Resources (HR) services provide clients the support they need to establish reliable policies that protect their business and people.
B+H Insurance offers HR services programs to businesses in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more.

Our HR specialist will assist you in identifying where your compliance falls short, developing practical solutions, and implementing applicable company policies as part of a comprehensive, continuous improvement plan.

Our consultative method to HR is designed to provide a wide range of customized improvement opportunities that streamline company policies. The goal is to protect companies and lessen risk while conducting everyday business.

Five-step service approach

Fact finding

A thorough study of the client including current workforce, handbook, policies, documentation and operations.

Analysis and evaluation

An evaluation of current HR activities against current best practices.

Vulnerability identification

Management consultation to pinpoint sources that pose significant vulnerability.

Action plan

A tailored “Action Plan” is developed with designated personnel to address the specific corrective action and new policy implementation.


An ongoing review to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of new HR policies.
Our human resources consulting services
  • Employee Handbook Assessment
  • Job Description Review
  • HR Policies/Processes Audit, Analysis and Development
  • Benefits Review/Administration
  • Performance Review Process Analysis
  • Compensation Structure/Strategy Review
  • Goal-setting Exercises
  • Managers Training
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Termination Guide
  • Streamlined HR Resources such as Checklists, Templates, etc.
  • HR Q&A (for those unique situations!)
  • Creative Solutions Development and Implementation
  • Anti-discrimination and Harassment Training
  • Pre-employment Screening/DISC Assessments

We provide strategic HR management tools and best-practice solutions to supplement established HR processes, or create new policies. Together, we develop practical, continuous, improvement action plans. With the support of our Risk Control and Claims Specialists, we provide you with a total-package approach to controlling your vulnerability and risk, while increasing workforce productivity.

Meet the Director of Human Resources

Maria N. Clyde, a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), has almost ten years of human resources consulting experience, and joined B+H Insurance, LLC in late 2016. Maria handles human resources for the agency and assists clients with their in house HR needs. This includes reviews and assessments of current policies, employee handbooks, job descriptions, compensation structures, compliance requirements, benefits packages, company marketing and other HR or corporate development needs. As an active member of the Delaware Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), Maria focuses on professional development and stays up-to- date with changing legislation affecting HR management. Before joining BHI, Maria worked for a mid-size government contractor in Washington, DC that serviced the Federal Aviation Administration as well as various Department of Defense agencies.