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Ways to Save on Gas

Ways to Save on Gas
Regardless of the price of a gallon of gas, it is always great to be able to save. Often, the small 
things we do can add up to big fuel savings. If you are looking to spend less money at the pump, 
here are some easy things you can start doing today. 

• Lighten your load—Extra weight decreases gas mileage.
• Avoid long idles—Idling for only one minute consumes the same amount of gas that is 
required for starting your engine.
• Plan your trip ahead of time—Consolidate your trip to places that are close to one another. 
• Open the windows—Instead of blasting the air conditioning on a hot day, open the windows or 
use your car vents, which circulate outside air.
• Get your oil changed—Stay up-to-date on oil changes. They should be done approximately 
every 3,000 miles for conventional motor oil. 
• Drive slower—You can improve your gas mileage by nearly 20% by driving 55 mph instead of 
65 mph.
• Maintain your tires—Keep your tires properly inflated and aligned and perform regular 
maintenance checks on your tires.
• Drive smart—Be sure to accelerate gradually from a dead stop, rather than stomping on the 
gas pedal.
• Verify your rating—Make sure you are selecting the right octane rating at the pump.

Prioritize Fuel Efficiency When Buying Your Next Vehicle
Considering buying a new or used vehicle? Before making a purchase, check the gas mileage 
ratings of similar vehicles of interest to you. Then, narrow down your options on a model that is fuel- efficient in the size category that meets your needs.