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The Importance of Social Media in Business

By April 9, 2019July 12th, 2019Business Tools
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It’s safe to say social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—millions of people around the world use social media on daily basis. Even more importantly, it has become a daily business function for sales and marketing departments, and a powerful tool for reaching new customers and increasing brand awareness as it has never been easier. My name is Logan Worsh; I have been with BHI for a few months now as a Client Experience Specialist and have been handling their social media platforms. Continuing reading for what I have found to work best during that time.

Showing Authenticity

Businesses are run by people, and your customers want to see who these people are! Any company can pump out hundreds of social media posts about who they are and what they do, but no one wants to see that. SHOW us who you are, don’t tell us. Having a company party? Let’s see a group shot of you having a good time. Are you volunteering locally? Let’s see who you are supporting and how! From personal experience, posts celebrating our team and showing off behind-the-scenes perform twice as well as some of the more business-related, corporate posts.

Connecting with Customers

Nobody wants to wait for a response, and nowadays we don’t really have to. Social Media bridges a gap in communication that a lot of businesses didn’t know they had. Many social media platforms add a unique way to connect with a business. Are you happy with their service? You can tag them in a post about your appreciation. Did you have a bad experience? Send them a message with feedback so they can improve. There are many ways to connect with customers, but never any as seamless and simple as social media.

Opportunities for New Business

We all want new business, and social media presents the perfect opportunity for that in a few ways:

  • Better Search Engine Results (SEO)
  • Marketing
  • Increased Brand Awareness

Every business wants their name on top of any Google search. SEO is how that is accomplished. The more relevant keywords you use in your articles, blogs, Instagram, and Facebook posts, the higher chance of your website showing up on top. SEO is a huge opportunity for many businesses because it is not an advertisement. People are significantly less likely to click on ad to view a website, but if your website is up right after the ad your chance of getting views is much higher. Brand Awareness is another opportunity within social media. It helps identify distinctive qualities and an image that customers and clients are familiar with. At the end of the day, much of social media is free marketing, and a quick and easy way to promote your brand, product, and services.