Dental Program

We understand the risk you face in the Dental Profession and are able to provide you with the protection you need. The convenience of having all of your insurance with one carrier, one agent and one policy can help prevent costly gaps in your insurance coverage. B+H offers Cincinnati Insurance Company’s complete Dental Insurance program. For over 50 years, Cincinnati Insurance Company has been protecting dentists with a top quality product and financial stability.

Highlights of the Program

  • 3 year dental package policy with rate lock.*
  • Automatic 25% credit for 3 loss free years.
  • Applies a recent graduate credit to reduce your premium if you
    are a new dentist.
  • Professional Liability written on “Occurrence Basis” a superior
    coverage advantage versus “claims-made” coverage.
  • One time charge for full prior acts coverage.
  • Pure consent: Dentist written consent required to settle
    professional liability claims.
  • No blackmail or arbitration clause.
  • Includes coverage for your corporation or partnership, employed
    and independent contractor hygienists and dental assistants,
    at no additional charge separate limits of
    insurance give each person full protection.
  • All policies with one carrier helping prevent costly
    gaps in your insurance coverage.
  • High limits available.
  • Locum Tenens available to cover substitute dentists,
    at no additional premium charge.
  • Automatically includes coverage for Department of Professional
    Regulation (DPR) defense expenses up to $25,000. You pay no
    additional premium charge.
  • Covers your loss of income for up to $500 per day for time
    off work to attend a DPR hearing.
  • Covers your loss of income up to $500 per day and expenses
    you incur, at our request for your assistance in investigating
    or defending a claim.
  • Automatically includes medical waste defense reimbursement
    at no additional charge for up to $50,000.

*Professional liability is reviewed annually for increase in exposure and loss history.

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